Face Painting

Interested in hiring me for your event? 

Email me lianna.bonacorsi@gmail.com with the subject "Face Painting Request"! 


How to Book Me:

Option 1. Pre paid face painting services for x many hours at an event. 

a. This is most commonly done for a birthday party or other closed event, where you are paying and can provide an estimate of how many faces you want painted in order for me to determine how many hours I need to be there.

Option 2: Let me know if there's a large event you'd like me to attend and paint at! I can either be paid by the organization hosting, or by attendees.


Option 1: I aim to be incredibly upfront about costs, so I've created a bit of a formula to help create an estimate for you, but depending on any special requests or extenuating circumstances, cost will change. Payments can be made through cash or check.

$50 booking fee (covers travel, consultation, and prep time) + Hours spent painting x $130 = total cost

Questions? lianna.bonacorsi@gmail.com

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