Graphic Design

Invasive Species Capstone

In Fall 2022, I created a brand campaign designed to educate and initiate conversation about the damage invasive species are causing in farms across America.

Block Set

These interactive toy blocks allows for children (and adults!) of all ages to create six different bugs by solving each puzzle. Educational play is a great way to involve children without active teacher to child interaction time.

Tote Bags/ Pencil Case

These screen printed tote bags are designed to accompany the other elements of the campaign, and act as a traveling conversational piece about the invasive species plaguing U.S. agriculture today.

Series of 7 Posters

This series of seven posters is designed to educate viewers on the invasive species, where it’s located, what it targets, how to protect against it, and where to find more information.


In a Spring 2022 course I took, my goal was to create an identity for a brand, and in that, create a brand guidelines pdf, social media ads, product creation, ect. These are a few sample pieces from that project.

Example advertisements that would be communicated on a company Instagram page.

The full layout of VitaYum! berry blast flavored juice

Example juice box

Internship with State Theatre of New Jersey

In the Summer of 2021, I interned for the State Theatre of New Jersey in their Graphic Design department for 11 weeks. My roles and responsibilities included designing web graphics for the STNJ website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as designing promotional advertisements like posters, flyers, and email banners. 

ABOVE: Examples of Instagram feed posts, all created in Adobe Illustrator and additionally formatted to Facebook and Twitter dimensions

LEFT TO RIGHT: Two examples of Instagram feed posts, one example of Instagram post integrating client's design elements (Pat Metheny) and STNJ's brand standards, one example of Spotify Playlist cover image for STNJ's Spotify account

TCNJ Magazine/ Office of Communications, Marketing, & Brand Management

From August 2021 to August 2022, I worked with the TCNJ Office of Communications, Marketing, & Brand Management as a student designer. Many of my tasks included creating logo suites for departments at TCNJ, or designing logos for particular events like alumni or homecoming weekend, but  occasionally I had the chance to assist our photographers with shoot for the TCNJ Magazine.

Spread for the Fall 2021 Issue; I assisted on set at this photoshoot.

Vertical Advertisement Banner for Alumni Weekend

I created the logo and ad for our client, which in turn was used on all Alumni Weekend marketing materials, as well as the t-shirts for the event.


While working for the Office of Communications, Marketing, & Brand Management, I also created around 3-5 logo suites a week for departments across the College. 

Bonacorsi Family Farm

My family's farm (Bonacorsi Family Farm) was where I first began my graphic design work, and began working in Photoshop and Illustrator in 2015. These logos (primary and secondary farms) were sourced from images of my father and sister planting trees together, and my grandfather using "new technology" in the 70s with a push seeder. The logos have not been developed too far from where they first began because we're such a small business, but in 2021, I introduced some slight revisions, knowing that we couldn't stray too far from the identiy we had developed thus far since our target market is all local neighbors. Beyond this logo suite, I use the Meta buisness suite to manage our social media (Facebook & Instagram) among many other roles with the farm involving hands on agriculture and sales at the store fronts.

Bonacorsi Family Farm Logo, 2015

Bonacorsi Family Farm Logo, 2015

Updated Iteration, 2021

Environmental Images:

Road front signage at first location (day view)

Road front signage at first location (night view)

Second Location Farm Signage