A bit more about me...

The top of Mt. Lincoln in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (May 2021)

Strawberries from last year's crop; my favorite fruit & time of year.

Updated: 02/14/2023

It's been a year since I started this site, tracking my growth as an artist, student, and running a few mini businesses.

In April last year, I attend Shad Fest (Lambertville) and almost completely sold out of my tote bags - a crazy, eye opening experience. I've already signed up for 2023's, and am beginning to prep my inventory. I'm hoping to introduce a new style of bag, as well as cropped tank tops, all screen printed on with new designs.

 In August, I attended the Hunterdon County 4-H fair and was the face painting vendor for five days in a row, 10 am - 10 pm. As crazy as it was, I'm so thankful the fair association thought of me when they needed a vendor, and I took the time to teach myself and run with it. Those five days were different type of exhausting and fun! From there, I began painting every weekend at a local halloween agritainment farm through the fall. 

And that brings us to this year, when I began to learn how to make stained glass. A local artist was offering lessons and it was love at first cut (haha). While I'm not sure how sustainable of a hobby it is, I love creating these pieces and will be adding a new section to my site for stained glass. I've loved integrating my background in graphic design into this work in designing my master sheets for each piece.

What's to come?

On March 29th, my senior class of graphic designers will be presenting a show of our best work from all four years at TCNJ. There's a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into this - from branding the show, marketing it, and installation. 

In April, I'll be at Shad Fest again, selling work, hoping to beat last year's sales goals.

And in early May, I'll be hosting my own solo show featuring a breadth of work, "Land to Medium Print Making", a project I'll have spent the entire semester working on- taking things from around my farm and turning them into art (petals into clay beads, leaves into watercolors, broom corn into a woven broomstick, etc.). I'm super excited about this project and can't wait to share it with my community.

There's much more to learn and more opportunities waiting- we'll see what comes next!