“Mirrored”, one whole bic pen, 18x24 in, 2019
“Cherry Season”, india ink, 5x7 in, 2019SOLD
“Long Distance”, charcoal, 18x24 in, 2019
 “Pomegranates”, watercolor and ink,5x7, 2020
 “Peck Lake”, watercolor and ink,5x7, 2020
 “Strawberries”, watercolor and ink,5x7, 2020
"The Massey", ink, 5x7 in, 2019
"Peach Season", watercolor and ink, 5x7 in, 2018
"Farmstand Ahead", chalk pastel, 18x20 in, 2018
"Crumbled", chalk pastel, 18x 24 in, 2019
"Machine Shop", charcoal, 18x 24 in, 2019
"Aunt Rose", ink,8x4 in, 2019
1/3 "Strawberry", chalk pastel, 4x6 in, 2019
3/3 "Sophie", chalk pastel,4x6 in, 2019
1/2 "Classic", guache,15x15 in, 2019SOLD
2/2 "Alternative", guache,15x15 in, 2019SOLD

Garlic, oil painting, 2021

Air Pods Case design Front, 2020

*gift, not for profit*

Air Pods Case design Back, 2020

*gift, not for profit*

"Family is forever", Wooden Canvas, 2018

"Orchard With Sneaky Cat", Watercolor, 2021

Example of Wire Rings, 2021

Example of Wire Rings with Stones, 2021

Tree of Life, Key Chain, 2022

Tree of Life, Keychain, 2022

Tree of Life, Keychain, 2022